Edgy Jeans Ideas To Wear Right

Edgy Jeans Ideas To Wear Right

Jeans are always up to date, they can be worn for almost every occasion and situation. But there are so many jeans out there right now and some trends will pass and others will come. What to choose to look edgy and chic? Here are some options.


Skinny jeans are timeless, never go out of style and are up to date in every season. Wear short tubes with a raw or usual hemline. Prefer high-waisted jeans to accentuate the waist, or prefer a medium waist, which is the number one trend of the moment.

Straight jeans

Jeans in particular are currently in vogue, so you can wear short jeans. Again, think of a medium waist, short jeans, and a raw or usual hemline. If you plan to wear them later too, prefer a regular hem as a raw one will go by.

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