Dragon Women Tattoos

Dragon Women Tattoos

Do you think that only guys love tattoos like dragons? You are wrong! Many girls around the world choose dragon images for their tattoos and sometimes they have bigger and more interesting ideas than men. So if you are looking for some cool and eye-catching tattoo designs, then you should get your hands on dragon designs. And as always, you have a really wide range of ideas! If you want sleek and simple tattoos at the same time, you can turn your attention to black contoured or all black tiny tattoos that look perfect on wrists, ankles and shoulders. When you are ready for big tattoos, you can choose an image of the Chinese dragon, which symbolizes a power, strength and fear. Now I am offering you to look at the pictures below and find a perfect one for you!

Black Dragon Tattoo Ideas

If you are into black tattoos, you can opt for a tribal dragon (such tattoos are associated with a nature). Many girls ask their tattoo artist to ink two similar dragon tattoos and place them on both wrists (or hands) or legs. It looks original and cool. Do not limit yourself, you can choose pictures of a dragon flying or crawling, fighting or very calm, you can add pictures of flowers or animals. Be creative!

Colorful dragon tattoo ideas

As usual, you can add some bright colors to your dragons. And it is very interesting to know that all the basic colors that we can use for dragon tattoos have their meanings. For example, green color represents life and earth, and tattoo artists often use this color for baby dragon tattoos. Blue is associated with laziness, compassion, and forgiveness; Gold-colored dragons are symbols of wisdom and goodness. Choose your color!

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