Dolphin Men Tattoos

Dolphin Men Tattoos

If you think that such cute tattoos as dolphins are only for women, you are mistaken because there are many men who choose these tattoos for their bodies. And definitely, dolphin tattoo designs look amazing! I suppose you remember some of the meanings of dolphins like meekness, harmony, friendship and community, and many others. And of course, you can choose any tattoo idea you want. For example, you can pick up black tribal tattoos that are very popular with men all over the world and place them on your neck, back, or biceps, or paint a blue colored dolphin with splashes of water on the chest or forearms. You can find lots of tattoo ideas below and, who knows, maybe one of them is your perfect one!

Black Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

If you don’t want to settle for a tribal tattoo, you can focus on realistic 3D black and white tattoos. For example, you can repeat an idea with a picture of several fish and dolphins all over your arm and a main picture of a dolphin on the chest.

Colorful dolphin tattoo ideas

They have a really wide variety of colorful dolphin tattoo designs. You can make a small blue or gray dolphin and place it on your hands, chest, sides, or legs. Or you can take a creative route and add some detail to your tattoo. For example, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink clouds, splashes of water (or colorful splashes as a background), an anchor and rope, and write important sentences or words. If you want to tell a story through your tattoos, you can capture an entire picture with pictures of dolphins under the sea, different species of fish or a sunken ship. Get inspired!

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