Diy Tassel Beach Bag

Are you ready for beach time? If you can forget it all, be with your friends and family and have fun! Every summer we spend a lot of time on the beach and of course we have to look perfect and trendy. And sometimes it’s very interesting to create different beach looks. Of course, you need to bring swimsuits with you first (you have a really wide range of different types of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits). But don’t forget accessories for a beach look like great sandals, caps or hats with a wide brim, necklaces and bracelets and of course beach bags.

Let’s talk about beach bags because we have an idea on how to decorate your favorite beach bag and make it cuter. The beach bag should be big enough to hold everything you need for a cool weekend at the beach: a large brightly colored towel, swimsuit, lotions, etc. You need to find a comfortable bag with long handles and of course with prints or bright colors. To make your bag more eye-catching, all you need is embroidery floss and a beach bag. First make the tassels by peeling off the cover from one color of embroidery floss, then folding it in half. Now you need to tie a piece of string around the middle and the double knot. Then you should tie a second piece of string around the top bodice about 1 / 4in from the top crease. Next, cut off the bottom to create the edge and tie it to your pocket. That’s all!

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