Cool Watermelon Tattoo Ideas

Cool Watermelon Tattoo Ideas

It seems we have already told you about all of the fruit and berry tattoo ideas, but it’s not. For example, we ignored such cool and delicious watermelon tattoos, but they definitely deserve your attention. Today let’s consider these types of tattoos for men and women. First of all, you should take a picture of a watermelon so you can ask your tattoo artist to ink a colorful watermelon slice or a black and white round watermelon tattoo. It’s your choice. Second, think of colors so you can choose a real image of a watermelon for your new tattoo or repeat a pink, blue, yellow tattoo idea. Do you want to see all the ideas? Then scroll down and choose a tattoo that’s right for you.

Watermelon tattoo ideas for men

Often times, guys are trying to come up with creative and unique tattoo ideas so that you can follow some examples. One of the most popular designs is a pixel watermelon tattoo that you can place on your leg or hand. If you want to show your love for parties and relaxation, you can ask your tattoo artist to do a tattoo with images of a martini glass, pineapple and watermelon. Another interesting idea is a tattoo of a dark blue bear holding a watermelon slice.

Watermelon Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you love small tattoo ideas (or aren’t ready for a big tattoo), you can get a small watermelon tattoo on your palm, wrist, forearm, and shoulder. Do you want to show your romantic personality? Then you can repeat a watermelon and blue flower tattoo and place it on your leg or arm. Or you can take a colorful geometric watermelon slice tattoo that looks like a jewel. See more ideas below.

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