Cool Nail Art Ideas

Here are the best nail design ideas we featured on Styleohlic in 2016. Don’t miss them because they are really cool and interesting. By the way, here are the coolest nail art ideas from last year.

  • Neutral nails are awesome for many reasons and here are some great ideas for pulling them off.
    24 trendy neutral nail ideas for every occasion
  • Interested in the best glitter manicure ideas? Take a look at these ideas.
    25 coolest glitter manicure ideas from Pinterest
  • Take care of your toes with these cool nail design ideas. They are perfect for winter.
    19 cute toenail designs for winter
  • Metallic nails are one of the hottest manicure trends and here are some designs we think are the most interesting.
    25 Edgy Metallic Nails Ideas To Shine Brightly
  • Do you think short nails are not suitable for cool nail designs? You are wrong! We have many examples to prove it.
    25 trendy and chic designs for short nails

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