Compression stockings for women

Compression stockings for women

What are the compression stockings?

Compression stockings, also known as compression stockings, are designed to support and support your feet and legs and increase blood flow.
The compression socks come in many different shapes, lengths and colors. Mostly you can find people wearing them in the neutral brown or beige color. On the other hand, the runners wear them in the specific neon color.

how they work

Compression stockings are designed to apply the graduated pressure. During the day, your body pumps blood to all extremities. However, when you spend most of the day on your feet, the effects of gravity can sometimes cause blood to pool on the floor. This can easily lead to various circulatory problems such as edema, thrombosis or just leg cramps and discomfort. The socks are here to prevent that.

Medicinal use

There are many uses for compression stockings, but they are mainly used in medicine. The main purpose of these socks is to prevent circulatory problems and this is also the most common use case. Also used in athletics, these socks are very useful to prevent problems related to ankle twists and muscle injuries.

Runners Compression Socks + Outfit Ideas

Compression socks for runners are made of thin material, flattering your leg while protecting you from potential circulatory problems. Maybe the idea of ​​wearing the elastic material on the legs sounds uncomfortable, but in fact it’s the other way around. If you need ideas on how to wear your socks, don’t worry I’ve got a few for you!

black compression socks
Black is always a good color. Black sports sneakers and black compression socks are ideal for everyday running. The length of the socks is knee high. These socks will be your favorites for everyday activities.

pink compression socks
These knee socks are designed for professional athletes. They are great when it comes to muscle recovery and preventing circulatory problems. As you can see, they are neon pink in color, as are the laces on the sneakers. In combination with the gray or black shorts, it fits perfectly.

neon green compression socks
If you’re in a dilemma about whether or not your socks should make a statement, choose something like the one in the photo above. The dominant color of the compression socks is black with the neon green strap details. Great way not to go over the line but have interesting and nice workout equipment.

black compression stockings without feet
You can also find many of these compression stockings. They are designed with virtually no part for your feet. They are also very practical and can be very helpful during yoga, pilates or fitness exercises. Red shirt, black shorts and black compression socks make a great sport combo!

blush pink compression socks
If you want to look stylish even without makeup, wear these beautiful pink compression socks with nice details. You can pair them with the peach or beige sneakers. Its length is knee-high, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

pink compression stockings pink
Pair your neon pink compression socks with the pink shirt and black shorts. Looking good while working out has never been easier! Great way to stay healthy and still look good.

blue bra black compression socks
Pair your blue sports bra and black shorts with black compression socks. You will look very modern and stylish if you only wear sportswear. It’s amazing to feel trendy while exercising.

Mix color compression socks
If you want to mix more colors while wearing your sports outfit, this is for you. Wear your neon green socks with a pink shirt and black shorts. Check out the color mix on the sneakers. Aren’t they great?

What are the benefits of wearing the compression stockings?

The swelling problems

Most people face this problem, especially those who spend half of their working day on their feet. Because of this, you often see nurses wearing these socks in many different colors.
Nurses Compression Stockings

The runners are also very satisfied with these socks. They reduce swelling so your legs can feel light even after long periods of exercise.
Runner compression stockings

The protection function

The great advantage of wearing the compression stockings is that they protect you from various external influences. First the material which is made of synthetic components and will protect you from the bacteria outside. The fabric also has an absorbent nature so you can keep your skin dry.
Benefits of compression stockings
If you like to hike, bike or run in nature, these socks can protect you from insect bites or poisonous plant scratches. Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but these things can be very important when you are an athlete.

keep warm

Compression stockings promote warmth
This is perhaps the most obvious, but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth mentioning.
The professional runners also wear them in winter because they know they can feel warm even when the temperature drops below zero.

The recovery function

Restoration of the compression stockings
The material in the compression stockings allows the blood to circulate better, so that the muscles and extremities can recover more quickly. It also means your body is able to get rid of the lactic acid or other toxins faster than usual, speeding up the recovery period.
These socks can reduce muscle tension or pain by keeping you in a stable position.

Coupled with the multitude of medical uses these socks have seen, you can also realize that they can be a good fashion detail when wearing your athletic wear. It’s not that hard to stay trendy and be active at the same time.
Still, be careful when choosing your compressed socks, choose the good fabric and make sure you choose the right size according to the length of your calves.

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