college shoes

college shoes

What are college shoes?

Definition: College shoes will be too slipper or Penny loafers and have the following functions:

  • By definition, they are characterized by their low heel.
  • The small slit in the shaft bridge above the instep is also a key feature of college shoes.

The History of College Shoes

As the name suggests, slippers were originally worn at US colleges. Students are said to put their lucky pennies in the shoes’ distinctive recess. College shoes are one of the typical unisex shoe styles. By the way, the couple shown in the picture is a male model. Slippers are very practical and comfortable to wear because you only have to put them on and because they have a low heel. Originally, this style of shoe comes from the moccasin worn by Native Americans.

The Guide to College Shoes

With what clothes should slippers be combined?

In the 80s, slippers were combined with colorful socks, which would be unimaginable today. The current recommendation is to either pair college shoes with feet that are not visible from the outside, or slip into shoes barefoot. They look dignified like shoes for the serious business view, In your free time, you may also like good casual wear skinny jeans combine.

Are college shoes suitable for the office?

College shoes are the perfect base for a classically elegant look. In muted colors, they can be ideal for one 3/4 pants or one pleated pants combine and are therefore ideal for the office.

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