Cloud Men Tattoos

Cloud Men Tattoos

When deciding on a cloud tattoo, you should know that there are so many design ideas out there that look amazing and you have a really wide range to choose from. Women prefer cute and romantic images of clouds, but men often choose more realistic ones. Of course, you can follow their examples and color gray storm clouds with a lightning bolt, or a blue, calm sky with white, fluffy clouds and flying birds. All you have to understand is that there are no limits. Many men dedicate their tattoo to someone who has passed away and add names, dates, or important phrases to clouds. Cartoon tattoos are growing in popularity every day. So you can ask your tattoo artist to create a fun and colorful cloud tattoo and place it on your neck, sides, shoulders or forearms. Do you want to consider all ideas? Then scroll down because we have something interesting prepared for you.

Black cloud tattoo ideas

Of course, you can put a tiny cloud tattoo with a black outline on your wrists, ankles or neck. But if you are fed up with the simple and so boring ideas, try getting a half or even full sleeve tattoo that adds doves or flowers. Unique ideas always look flashy and fabulous. For example, you could repeat a hand grabbing clouds or a man falling off the cloud tattoos and placing them on your legs, forearms, or chest.

Colorful Cloud Tattoo Ideas

If you want to show that you stay positive no matter what happens in your life, you can color in gray clouds and add a phrase like «make it shine». You can also pay attention to tattoos that are decorated with other symbolic details. For example, you can colorize a dagger, an anchor with a rope, an umbrella, planes, a sun, etc. You can find more colorful ideas below. Enjoy!

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