Clothes Accessories Look Younger

Clothes Accessories Look Younger

First of all, we are not ageists and we do not think any age is bad, people can look younger, older, or whatever they want. But if you are a grown girl who wants to look a little fresher, more modern, and cooler, this round up may come in handy for you.

Avoid formal and vintage looks

Dressing up too formal will make you look older. The same goes for vintage looks and vintage silhouettes. So if you want to look fresh, avoid these ideas.

Choose basic and casual tops

Blouses and shirts can add age to your look, while a simple basic t-shirt will make your outfit modern and fresh and make you look younger. Skip all those formal and overly feminine tops and go for simple tops with less detail for a fresh and young look. Also try male shirts, they will take away excessive feminine touch that increases age. Prefer light shades as these will freshen up the portrait area and look fresher.

Prefer masculine and sporty looks

All of the feminine curves and looks will make you look older, and if that’s not what you want, it’s high time you made a change. Choose combat boots, blazers with structure and dimension, straight jeans, basic t-shirts and other items. Sneakers and sneakers will be your best friends, switch pants to jeans, prefer a sporty jacket and voila – you look younger!

Wear a minimum of earrings and necklaces

Jewelry in the portrait zone, especially lots or statement jewelry, will make you look older. Prefer accessories on arms and fingers, on your legs, or simply opt for trendy accessories such as a mono earring or mismatched or very minimalist earrings.

Try Color Block and Saturated Shades

Classics look boring and add to the age. So rocking color block and bold colors make you look younger. Prefer some classic color block ideas or go for an analog color scheme look so rock them up for a bold and fresh outfit.

Go for monochromatic looks

Monochromatic outfits in basic tones, especially pastel or light ones, look great and make your look younger, fresher and very chic. This is a timeless solution for all ages, and monochrome is a bold trend today.

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