Chestnut Hair Ideas

Chestnut Hair Ideas

Chestnut color is one of the most popular brown hair tones that every girl, including celebrities, has tried at least once. This is a soft and warm shade that will flatter many types of looks and skin. Do you want to try it too? Let’s take a look at the best ideas.

Chestnut umbrella

Although chestnut is a shade of brown, it still comes in different shades: it can be darker or lighter, colder or warmer, but it looks amazing on all hair types: straight, wavy, long, short, and so on. This is a beautiful shade if you want a soft, sun-kissed look. There are reddish tones for those who just want a touch of red, not much.

Chestnut hair with highlights or used for highlights

Chestnut hair is usually highlighted to add texture and make it more noticeable. If you have dark hair, you can highlight it with chestnut and caramel balayage and make it look gorgeous and voluminous. If you already have auburn hair, you can use honey, caramel, and even shades of blonde to highlight it to make it look sun-kissed and cool. Dark lowlights add volume and a more dramatic look to your auburn hair. Get inspired!

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