Chelsea boots for women

Chelsea boots for women

Not a half shoe, not ankle boots – women’s Chelsea boots are difficult to categorize and compare. The boots combine different properties and have long since made it to ours heart to conquerDue to their straight lines, they look as elegant as they are casual and are therefore the perfect companion for everyday life. Whether trousers or skirts – Chelsea boots in black or blue always make you look good good figure and therefore belong in every shoe cabinet. Even if the Chelsea boots are gray or brown, fit you Perfect for many different stylesThese shoes are real all-rounders.

A shoe with a noble past

Chelsea boots for men and women are named after a very sophisticated part of London. There she was the 19th of the respected shoemaker J Sparks Hall who took care of Queen Victoria’s shoes, among other things. The shoe was originally intended as a riding boot, but soon established itself in all areas of high life. Even today, shoes are considered well made if they are well made very chic and elegantIn particular, Chelsea boots with heels are very classy and can easily accommodate pumps in terms of style.

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