Casual Messy Hairstyles

Casual Messy Hairstyles

Sometimes we just don’t want to worry about hairstyles or don’t have the time to do it, so a quick, messy fix is ​​just what we need. Also, messy hair is now a popular thing. Let’s see what can be easily and quickly recreated to look casual and stylish.


A messy bun or topknot is the most popular here. A top bun or a low bun can be made in just a few minutes. So if you’re in a hurry, rock it. Do you want a fun touch? Make two top buns! It looks a little childish, but so cute! A messy, airy updo looks no less elegant than the usual one and is effortlessly chic, which is a hot trend today.

Half up half down

Half-up-half-down options mostly have a small knot or two on top. This is a quick and easy idea that is great for casual looks. It can be recreated in a minute even if you don’t have the time at all.

Other ideas

A messy ponytail is another leader among quick and messy hairstyles. It can be low or high and always looks cool and chic. Such a hairstyle is even suitable for special occasions. Messy braids are cool too, but it will take you some time to make them.

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