Brown Hair Ideas

Brown Hair Ideas

We love brown hair! Brown hair is a classic that can be light, dark, neutral, always natural and totally chic! I think every girl has tried such colors at least once in her life and today I will inspire you with the most beautiful colors and ideas!

Brown hair tones

There are so many cool colors that I can’t name them all! Brown suits any appearance, it can be soft and light for summer or dark chocolate hair if you want a bold look. Brown hair tends to be darker, but it’s a great alternative for those who want dark hair but not black. Brown hair looks natural and sophisticated. This is how it looks chic, natural and beautiful.

Ombre Brown Hair and Highlights

Brown hair is usually highlighted so it doesn’t look dull to add texture and volume. Try ombre brown hair from dark to light and caramel tones. Rich chocolate tones look gorgeous with caramel balayage. To give your hair a natural look, you can go for sun-kissed highlights. They look very cute and are very timely for fall and summer. You can also highlight black hair with shades of brown and caramel to give it volume and an eye-catching look. Try chestnut and mahogany colors for a softer yet eye-catching look.

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