Boho Lace Blouse Outfits

Boho Lace Blouse Outfits

Lace tops, especially crochet and cotton tops, are going to be very on trend this summer, and if you are already looking for chic pieces to buy, this is definitely a part that you will need. Of course, most of these blouses are inspired by the boho-chic style that is right at the top. Let’s take a look at some cool ideas!

Vintage looks

When I say vintage here, I mean looks inspired by prairie dresses that are another hot trend this summer: turtlenecks and high necklines, long sleeves, light ruffles here and there. You can combine such a blouse with blue jeans, espadrilles, wedges, heels and a small wicker or wooden bag.

Modern look

More modern blouses are a fresh take on the ’70s boho lace blouses. They feature more modern lace and patterns, usual necklines – not very high – and bell sleeves. Combine such a blouse with light-colored pants, better ones with a high waist, heels and a cute bag and off you go!

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