Block Heels Summer Ideas

Block Heels Summer Ideas

If you want to rock a few heels this summer but square toes aren’t the trend you like, stick with another trend to make your look edgy and stylish. One trend I would highly recommend is block heels – they’re comfortable, they look very cool, and there are plenty of shoes and sandals to look at.

Block heels are super comfortable to wear – even if they’re high enough, it’s amazing to walk in them for a long time. If your feet have a tendency to swell a little, avoid such shoes or do not wear them for long for greater comfort. If you wear block heels for long periods of time, not only will you feel it, but it will also accentuate your swollen ankles.

There are a lot of block heels ideas out there now, they are not going anywhere. The most popular are block heel mules, strappy block heels – with lots of thin straps and low block heels for maximum comfort. Choose your pair and go!

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