Bleached Jeans Outfits

Bleached Jeans Outfits

Bleached jeans are all the rage this year and with summer in full swing it’s high time to check out the coolest outfits with them – bleached denim screams summer! We’ve put together some summer and summer outfits to be on trend. Let yourself be inspired!

Which bleached jeans to choose

The trendiest bleached jeans (and all jeans, actually) are mom jeans, baggy jeans, flare jeans, and raw hem cropper jeans. Go all boho and 90s – these are the hottest trends right now.

What you pair them with

Wear such jeans with a shirt, t-shirt, bell-sleeved crop top, and sweatshirt when it’s cold. Since bleached denim is very neutral, you can try all the colors, but heavier ones are better. Add espadrilles, flats, sandals or sneakers and you are on trend!

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