Black Manicure Ideas

Black Manicure Ideas

Black is very popular for fall and winter manicures, as is gray, and it’s fantastic for holiday parties. What details should you choose to ultimately make your black nails modern and bold? Take a look at these ideas.

Choose shiny or matte black nails – matte gets edgier and more trendy if you hesitate. Glossy and shiny black nails work well with many types or decorations, from pearls to sequins to glitter, and matte black nails can be accentuated in a variety of ways too.

Use marble and watercolor effects to make your black nails very modern and bold. Accentuate your black nails with sparkles or glitter tips, choose metallic and white polishing strips and heavenly designs – these are super trendy. The more detailed you choose, the cooler your party look will be, but of course, most of these designs don’t suit a job with a strict dress code. Keep that in mind.

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