Black Lace Kimono Outfit Ideas

Black Lace Kimono Outfit Ideas

When you say kimono, the first thing that comes to mind is Japan. This garment is part of their traditional attire, so it’s no surprise. However, a few years ago, the kimono found its way into the fashion world. That’s why I show you the favorite food of many fashionistas – the black lace kimono.

This lace kimono is bohemian and very stylish. Girls wear it with many different clothes, jeans, shorts and dresses. When it comes to the versatility of kimonos, the black color is a match, while lace is an elegant, delicate detail. This staple gives an edgy look when styled like this. Otherwise, it can even look very casual or elegant.
I have prepared some of the best outfits for you. Let’s take a look.

All black all + black lace kimono

black lace kimono all black all
Leather and lace in a combination makes your look a bit edgy and rocky. This girl definitely knows how to combine these two materials and make an excellent everyday look.
She pairs her leather jacket with a black V-neck blouse and leather leggings. Kimono is over the blouse. She finished off this look with a black fedora hat.

All black all with crop top + lace black kimono

black lace kimono all black crop
This is another all black outfit that looks different from the previous one. That’s the appeal of black outfits. You think they are all the same, but the key is in different clothes and details.
This girl opted for a crop top, black jeans and a statement belt. Fringes give a romantic look. This outfit can be a great idea for every day, spring or summer day.

Skinny jeans + black lace kimono

black lace kimono skinny jeans
Skinny jeans are my favorite staple for a casual everyday outfit combo. They are quite versatile so you can literally pick and choose which bodice you want. The black tank top goes perfectly with everything and is comfortable. Paired with a black lace kimono, this look takes on a whole new image. Don’t forget to complete it with strappy sandals and a black bag.

Black Bohemian + Black Lace Kimono

black lace bohemian kimono
Don’t hate me because all of these combos are black. I just wanted to show you how they can all be different depending on how you style them.
Black lace kimono looks very bohemian and stylish. You’ll also need a fedora, shorts, a crop top, and black ankle boots to pull off this look. This look is great for festivals or hot summer nights.

Floral lace details + black lace kimono

black lace kimono denim shorts
When shopping for a kimono look, you need to pay attention to the print and details. Flowery velvet details on sheer material look very beautiful. If there are margins, that’s even better.
You can style this type of kimono with any clothing item. They give every combination a romantic and spring-like look. High-waisted denim shorts and a white lace top make a great pairing with this beautiful kimono. High wooden heels are a perfect summer staple.

White lace details + black lace kimono

black lace kimono white details
Black kimonos can be decorated with white lace. That looks good. The contrast between black and white is beautiful, so don’t hesitate to combine them.
You can recreate this look by pairing your black lace kimono with a black dress and stacked necklaces. You can opt for ankle boots or flats.

Lace Crop Top + Black Lace Kimono

black lace kimono lace bralette
If you’re a fan of summer weather and open music festivals, you’ll know this is the great look. It looks boho, edgy and ultimately very modern.
Black lace bralette is for the bold. Pair it with black shorts and a black lace kimono for the ultimate chic look. When it comes to shoes, you can opt for knee high boots or ankle boots. Both are great bohemian style columns.

Elegant look + black lace kimono

black lace kimono elegant
Maybe you thought you couldn’t wear a kimono for both elegant and formal occasions. This outfit will prove you wrong. All black, all you can wear to party is paired with a black kimono.
The keyhole blouse with a waterfall neckline is combined with leather shorts and square platform heels. All of this would normally be elegant without a kimono. This outfit combination gives her a certain surprising boho look.

Ripped jeans + black lace kimono

black lace kimono ripped jeans
I’m not a big fan of ripped jeans. I have to admit that I would probably never buy a pair that was very torn. However, some fashion girls really know how to style it in the best possible way.
This girl styles her skinny jeans with a statement belt, black camisole and kimono. The kimono is made entirely of beautiful lace that looks amazing.

Grunge Look + Black Lace Kimono

black lace kimono grunge
The good thing about the kimono is that you can combine it with different styles. Therefore, you can also wear it with dressy or edgy clothes or grunge clothes.
Here you can see the kimono is styled with a white crop top and high waist denim shorts. This girl opted for a black fedora hat and a floral sheer kimono. When it comes to shoes, you should also go for something black – Dr. Martens or other square ankle boots.

Black and white combo + black lace kimono

black lace kimono white black
You know I love black and white combinations. If you like them too, why not find out how to wear black and white jumpsuits?
This fashion girl opted for a white blouse and black pants. She styled this look with cork platform sandals and covered it with a lace black kimono.
This look is perfect for everyday wear. Summer is coming, so be ready to welcome it!

White dress + black lace kimono

black lace kimono white dress
The white dress is an indispensable part of summer. It looks fresh and stylish and will most importantly highlight your sun-kissed skin.
In combination with a black kimono with a delicate lace hem, this look is ideal for breezy summer days or nights. You can combine them with flats or summer boots.

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