Best Shades Cover Grey Hair

Best Shades Cover Grey Hair

Gray hair is perfectly fine – natural aging is beautiful! But if you don’t fancy that natural shade or want to try something new, here are some cool tones that are best for covering your gray hair easily and making you look super trendy.

Blonde shades

Ash, natural dark, light beige, gold, and strawberry blonde are perfect choices for covering your gray hair in style. Some of these tones are classics and others are a hot trend like ah blonde, choose, try and be brave!

Red shades

From reddish brown to dark red and cherry, shades of red are always trendy. These are deep tones that are sure to catch the eye and make a statement. These colors are great for the colder and paler seasons, and are great for any other time as well. Do a balayage to make them shine and look more modern and fresher.

Brown and dark tones

Chestnut, deep brown, soft black, and even black and blue hair are great for ladies who fancy color or want a trendy statement – the latter option is spot on. Get inspired!

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