Bell bottom jeans for women

Bell bottom jeans for women

The bell bottom jeans are now also known as flare jeans. This type of jeans was a major trend in the 70’s and 80’s. Guess what? It’s officially back in fashion.

This year we’ve got used to seeing the trends from the ’90s, so this seems to come as a surprise. In addition to skirts and trousers made of suede and corduroy, as well as trousers or platform heels, the trend of wearing flared or bell-bottom jeans made a big comeback from runways to street style this season.

I remember wearing flared trousers in my elementary school. They were my favourites. After discovering skinny jeans, I never wore bell bottom jeans again. Too bad.
I’m definitely thinking about wearing them again, especially now that they’re back in fashion.
Let’s see how you can style, wear and combine the Bell Bottom Jeans. Scroll down for the best outfit ideas.

Classic bell bottom jeans

Black shirt and jeans

classic bell bottom jeans
This is at the same time a very simple and very classy outfit combination.
All you need to achieve this outfit is a black shirt, flared jeans and awesome colorful sandals.
It’s that simple. You can wear this outfit in a variety of situations, from casual to dressier. It’s an eternal combination.

Black blazer and jeans

Parisian chic bell bottom jeans
Parisian chic is easy to achieve when you wear flared or bell-bottom jeans. The French fashion girls love this garment and wear it all the time.
This outfit includes a blazer, a blouse and a trendy beret. You just have to introduce yourself on the streets of Paris.

Turtleneck sweater and jeans

Turtleneck with bell bottom
If you want to feel stylish and casual, I have found a perfect outfit for you.
This is a simple and casual yet very chic outfit combo that you can wear anytime. You will definitely feel very comfortable and look trendy and effortless.
Team your bell bottom jeans with navy turtleneck and white sneakers.

Red sweater and jeans

red turtleneck with bell bottom
This is a great combo to wear during work hours. It looks very chic and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry while doing your tasks.
With this outfit you can wear both flats and super high heels. My suggestion is to wear the platform sandals. Your legs will definitely appear longer with them.

Parka and jeans

Parka bell bottom jeans
The military trend continues. If you’re a fan of the parka jacket, that’s great.
Here you can see the bell bottom jeans paired with the perfect green parka jacket. You get the perfect fall outfit for everyday wear.
You can choose which shoes you want to wear. My suggestion is to wear heels for more dressy events or sneakers and ankle boots for casual events.

Black jacket and jeans

Bell bottom denim jacket
Very interesting black jacket with silver details is combined with bell-bottomed jeans and block-heeled boots. This is a great outfit for everyday wear, going out or going to the office. It’s really a kind of versatile outfit!
Instead of block heel boots, you can also wear flats, sneakers or ankle boots.

Embroidered blazer and jeans

embroidered bell bottom jeans
On cold and gray autumn or winter days, all you have to do is make your outfits look more colorful. That’s exactly the case with this embroidered, colorful blazer. It instantly raises your spirits!
Team your flared pants and this blazer for a boho-modern look. Add a bag or backpack and off you go!

Blue denim and jeans

Bell bottom jeans
Double denim trend is very hot this season. Every it girl wears it, so you should!
Combine your beige cashmere sweater with the jeans with bell-bottoms and the denim blazer. You’ll see that this outfit can look amazing even though there’s just a lot of denim in one look.

Black bell bottom jeans

Shearling jacket and jeans

black bell bottom jeans
I have to admit that all black outfit combinations will forever be my favorite. This is the case with the outfit in the photo above.
I love this cozy and thick shearling jacket and the black flare jeans. It’s a great outfit if you have to go out on cold winter days. You can wear stiletto heels for a dressier look or white sneakers for a chic and casual outfit look.

Short gray coat and jeans

gray coat black bell bottom jeans
Another outfit to consider if you are looking for something to keep you warm on a cold winter day. All you need is a great short coat, black sweater and black bell bottom jeans. All black again, but not boring at all.

Poncho and jeans

Poncho Bell Bottom Jeans
The colorful poncho is an ideal piece of clothing when the weather is not too warm, but not too cold either. You can wear it over a t-shirt or over a sweater. Either way, pairing it with your bell bottom jeans will have you looking like a modern day cowboy. Add boots with a metallic detail and you’ll rock!

Short cut jeans with bell bottom

Turquoise jacket and jeans

Kimono bell bottom jeans
The best way to wear bell bottoms is to keep them short. The most important rule is choosing the right length. According to the fashion gurus, the right length is just above the ankle.
As you can see in the photo above, the jeans are paired with the mules and the satin jacket and they look amazing.

Green bomber jacket and jeans

Bomber bell bottom jeans
This outfit is a great traveling look. Useful for times when you want to look good and feel good at the same time.
Combine your green bomber jacket with the black shirt and the short black bell-bottoms. The result: the perfect outfit that can be worn every day.

White blazer and jeans

short jeans with bell bottom
When it comes to romantic outfits, this one has it all – the delicate white blazer jacket, beige sandals and bell-bottoms.
Wear this outfit to work or for a romantic date in a fancy restaurant.

After so many years of wearing the skinny jeans, I admit that the bell bottoms are not that easy to pair and style. But hopefully we’ll find our inspiration along with these outfit ideas.
I hope you liked the outfit ideas I prepared for you. Be sure to check out the other outfit ideas posts on the blog!

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