Balayage Ideas For Red Hair

Balayage Ideas For Red Hair

I think every girl by today has heard of balayage, the most popular technique for coloring hair today. It requires little maintenance, not very often visits to the hair colorist, and will definitely freshen up your hair and give it a fresh and modern look. Also, balayage is the number one technique for adding dimension and texture to your hair, and isn’t that what we want? We have already shared some ideas of this technique for different hair colors, and today I want to share some ideas for those of you who have red hair.

Red hair balayage

If you have or want to have red hair, there are several ideas for balaying it. Actually it all depends on the colors you have, how dark or hot the red is. You can opt for copper, caramel, pink or blonde highlights and lowlights that will make your hair shine and make your look lighter. The colors and their amount depend on the desired look. I also love ombre options from fiery red to pink and blonde, they look incredibly bold and all eyes will be on you!

Copper hair balayage

If you have copper-colored hair, balayage may make it look a little more natural, especially if you prefer caramel or blonde tones. Any balayage of any shade will add texture and dimension to your hair. So don’t be afraid to try. Try the ombre effect, it always looks great, especially on long hair.

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