Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry or antique jewelry is jewelry that either dates back to an older period or was made after it was made and designed. Some goldsmiths and jewelers specialize in old antique jewelry.

Classification of the category of antique jewelry

Antique jewelry is jewelry that is typically several centuries old and therefore very expensive. In addition, genuine antique jewelry is rather rare, since wearing jewelry was reserved for the nobility in earlier eras. Despite this, you can still find beautiful and affordable antique jewelry, as many manufacturers and goldsmiths have already specialized in creating jewelry with an antique look.

production and properties

Antique jewelry is usually made from antique patterns and existing old traditional antique-style jewelry, sometimes using ancient craft techniques. These replicas are based on old originals; So every woman can feel like another time again.

Antique-style jewelry is mostly made of aged gold and is almost always filled with sparkling stones resembling real gems. It is available in all variants, be it

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