Yeezy Sneakers Women Outfits

If you’re into fashion trends and follow great examples of celebrity clothing combinations, you already know all of Kanye West’s collaborations with well-known brands like Adidas and Nike and its own brand, Yeezy. That is why today I want to share with you cool and so stylish (and so popular) Yeezy sneakers that are perfect for outfits with jeans, pants or even skirts. The most popular sneaker model are Yeezy Boost sneakers, so you can pick them up and create any outfit you want. Now you can scroll down as we are going to show you some great ways you can pair them with clothes and accessories.

Outfits with shirts, blazers and sweaters

If you want to create something romantic and mellow, you can pair a pale pink shirt with a pale pink sweater, white distressed pants, and beige Yeezy sneakers. Or you choose a black, minimalist cut, knee-length dress and combine it with oversized sunglasses, gray sneakers and a black small leather bag. Do you want something eye-catching and comfortable at the same time? Then try repeating an outfit with a white shirt, red and white striped suit with a long loose blazer and cuffed pants, sunglasses, a gray bag and white sneakers. You can even create a look for a New Years party with gray Yeezy sneakers by simply pairing a printed tee, glittery midi skirt with a slit, and a blue and black mini clutch.

Outfits with jackets and coats

I like the way maxi coats look with sneakers. If you like these combinations too, you can pair a crop top with olive green sweatpants, gray sneakers and a green maxi sports coat. To achieve a trendy look, you need to combine a white shirt with gray wide leg pants, black sneakers and an olive green midi coat.

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