Women Work Halloween Costumes

Women Work Halloween Costumes

Halloween is next month, but it is a good idea to prepare beforehand as good decor, tasty and scary treats, and great costumes will take some time. Today I want to share some ideas for Halloween looks that are suitable for work. You can wear them to work, for fun at a post party, or just for the daytime fun if your office allows. Here are some great and very easy do-it-yourself outfits.

Gourmet looks

Food was and is a source of inspiration for creating cute and simple costumes that everyone will love. Make a strawberry costume out of a usual red dress – attach white dots to it, put on red or green shoes, and make a paper hat to show off green leaves. A burger costume is another great idea: take a light brown dress, add a brightly colored sash that shows off lettuce and meat, and add bare shoes. Love ice cream? Make an ice cream cone costume out of a white dress with confetti, put on white shoes and a cone hat.

Book and movie characters

If you have favorite movie and book characters, portray them with your costume. It could be a bunny from Alice in Wonderland, Snow White or Hermione Granger, Superman, Wednesday Addams, or anyone else. Most of these looks are really easy to create. For example, a Wednesday costume can be made with a little black dress, black shoes, tights and a white shirt – nothing else! A Superman girls costume can be made from a pencil skirt, blue shirt, Superman top, and shoes – that easy!

Other ideas

There are many other ideas to try, you can take whatever you want. My favorite idea is Audrey Hepburn, who is very chic and elegant: a black dress, black shoes and strands of pearls. Another idea is Kate Middleton who is a style icon – choose some of her famous looks and make them a reality.

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