Women Tiger Tattoos

We have already told you about tiger tattoo ideas for men and it seems that this type of tattoos is perfect just for them. But nowadays a lot of girls choose tiger tattoos too and in my opinion they look gorgeous and fresh. Maybe you should ink these types of tattoos too? You can pick up very cute and adorable young tigers, funny cartoons, or wise and powerful tiger tattoos. Some of the ladies only choose black contoured or abstract tattoo designs and place them on shoulders, forearms and wrists. However, if you want a more eye-catching one, then you should pay attention to tattoos made using the watercolor technique or with colorful splashes. Now you should scroll down to see all the ideas we gathered for you and read all the tips. Find your inspiration!

Black Tiger Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a tiny tattoo, you can take a black outline tiger tattoo and place it on your fingers or wrists. Do not forget that geometric tattoos are very popular right now, so you can apply such tattoos on your shoulders, thighs or a back. If you love unique and super attractive tattoo ideas then take a look at the eyes of the tiger tattoo that covers an entire forearm.

Colorful tiger tattoo ideas

As you know, a tiger tattoo is a symbol of power and strength. So, you can repeat an idea with an aggressive tiger and place it on your neck (putting it on the front of your neck is a very bold choice). Lots of girls like watercolor tattoos. So, if you want something colorful and girlish, pick your favorite colors (purple, pink, yellow, green, etc.) and ask your tattoo artist to repeat some of the watercolor ideas below. You can also add some extra elements like flowers or trees to tiger tattoos.

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