Women Metallic Pants Outfits

Have you tried wearing something with a metallic touch? If your answer is yes, then for sure you know how cool and awesome it looks! But if you say no, you need to pay your attention to this trend and create unique and eye-catching outfits with these items of clothing. Today we start with metallic pants. They have a wide variety of pants so choose the best based on your preference and a chosen style. Now you can scroll down to see collected images and read various fashion tips.

Jackets and blazers

The most popular outfit is a combination of metallic pants, a white top and a white blazer. No matter which pants color you choose (gold, silver, bronze, etc.), this outfit looks classic, simple and chic. You can add black sandals and a mini clutch. Since metallic pants are a very light-colored item of clothing, mix them with simple clothes and accessories. For example, combine thin silver trousers with a black shirt, a black straight coat and ankle boots, or gold straight trousers with a white, loose T-shirt and a beige blazer.

T-shirts and blouses

If you’re looking for an outfit for parties or events, pair your skinny silver pants with a white peplum shirt and metallic heels, or take a black wrap blouse and pair it with metallic crop pants and gold sandals. For an everyday look, go for a gray oversized sweater, silver wide leg pants, a black leather clutch and mirrored sunglasses. Or try these eye-catching pants with a simple and classic white or light blue button-down shirt. If you’re ready for something original, you can successfully create metallic-on-metallic looks. For example, try to pick up metallic clutches, bags, jackets or shoes.

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