Winter White Outfit Ideas

White is one of the most symbolic colors of winter, it is the color of snow and if you want to wear something peaceful and relaxing this is the color you need. Ivory or white will flatter any appearance, and you will look eye-catching in such dresses. It’s not as neutral as gray or beige. Let’s see how to properly pull off winter white.

Looks with pants or jeans

Winter is the time when we want to feel comfortable, cozy and stylish at the same time. I think ivory and crispy white are the right color for this. Put on white jeans or distressed trousers and an oversized, chunky or cable knit sweater and you’ll feel as comfortable as if you were in bed. If it’s cold add a coat, if you want to look girly go for heels, if you want comfort go for sneakers.

Looks with skirts

Wearing a white or off-white skirt is another great idea. Just put on a maxi or midi as you can get cold. The skirt can be pleated, lace, plain, or any other skirt and then add a trendy off the shoulder sweater or the usual oversized one. If you want to spice up the outfit a little, choose brightly colored shoes or boots and a bag – white goes with almost any color. Let your imagination run wild.

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