Winter Makeup Tips

The winter weather is cold and dry, so the care of your skin and hair should be much more intense than in autumn. We’ve already shared some skin and hair tips for winter, and today we’re going to talk about winter makeup, which has its tricks too.

First of all, don’t skip grooming – keep your face in good condition. Moisturize, exfoliate once a week for a healthy glow, and don’t forget about UV products as there is plenty of sunshine even in winter.

Prepare your face

Always use a facial primer as this will texturise the skin and skin, and make for a smooth, even application.

Awaken your complexion

Don’t forget to blush: this will bring a washed-out face to life. If your skin is so sensitive and dry, it is better to simplify the use of the product in winter. A little blush or bronzer on your cheeks will do, but the rosy redness from the cold weather will of course go a long way.

Set the makeup

Make-up sealant helps keep make-up from rubbing off on your coat, scarf, or hat. Stay away from powder formulas and keep the face moisturized with a CC cream. Creamy formulas are better here. Use a liquid highlighter.

Tear-proof your eye makeup

Wintry winds, sleet, and snow can all lead to makeup breakdowns. Fight sooty spots and smears with waterproof mascara, and use eyeliner and shadows on the upper lids to reduce the risk of makeup migration.

Take care of your lips

Yes, it is very important and I will say it over and over again in any beauty recap. If you have damaged lips, switch to a tinted lip balm that contains sunscreen. When your lips are in good condition, you can go for a moisturizing lipstick. However, avoid matte or long-lasting lipstick formulas as these can dry out.

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