Winter Holidays Men Looks

We talked a lot about winter vacation outfits, but they were all for girls! Today is the time for boys! Let’s take a look at how to get dressed comfortably, feel warm and look amazing at the same time for the holidays. It’s difficult, but you can do it!

Create a layered look

It can be chilly on the holidays so creating a layered look is important – it will keep you warm and make you look nervous as layered looks are very trendy now. The idea is pretty simple: put on pants or jeans, add a shirt of your choice, and a plain or cable knit sweater or cardigan. If it’s even more formal, go for a tweed jacket and plaid bow tie.

Add comfortable touches

We need to feel that we are comfortable. When there are no formal events, there are tons of comfortable accents that can be added to your look. Wear comfortable boots that match your look, try an oversized cardigan to feel warm and comfortable, wear a hoodie over your shirt or on the contrary. Don’t forget a hat and scarf when it’s cold and you will look cool and feel cozy.

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