Winter Culotte Outfits

Culottes are perfect to wear to work. This is a trendy alternative to conventional pants and can also be worn in a casual look. How do you style them in winter? Well the only problem may be your ankles freezing, but there are ways to save them!

Covered ankles

Winter is cold and your ankles can freeze easily and you won’t be comfortable in culottes. Cover them up to avoid that! Put on tights or stockings or just high socks, you will feel very comfortable and give the look a colorful accent. Another idea is to give preference to boots that are big enough not to show your ankles.

Uncovered ankles

When it’s not too cold, when style over comfort is your thing, boldly rock culottes and shoes or ankle boots. Add a sweater, maybe a shirt underneath. Cover with a winter coat, a puff coat, a parka, or even a faux fur coat. Get inspired!

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