windproof jackets

Men and women are often happy when they wear a windproof and weatherproof jacket, not only at sea. Special wind jackets keep the cold wind away from the body, usually have a hood and are made of rainproof material.

Wind protection category classification

Anyone who has been surprised by stormy weather during their vacation on the coast will certainly appreciate the qualities of a good windbreaker.

materials and function

The classic wind jacket is usually made of a light, windproof and rainproof material such as e.g

  • polyamide
  • nylon
  • gore-tex or
  • Sympatex.

These substances ensure that neither cold wind nor moisture penetrate the body and cool it down. At the same time, a certain degree of breathability is guaranteed, so that the wearer does not sweat excessively, even during intense physical exertion.

interface options

Most windbreakers have a hood that is either attached to the outside and is detachable or in the collar of the jacket waiting to be used. The hood often has a drawstring so you can pull it closer to your head if needed. The cut of a windbreaker is more casual as it is typically worn over a warmer sweater and should not restrict the wearer.

There are models with a full zipper or partial full closure. The latter are simply pulled over the head and are commonly referred to as a “windbreaker”. The cuffs and bottom hem are often finished with an elastic waistband, drawstring, or Velcro straps for a snug fit and to keep the cold air from “rushing in”.

Thanks to their easily foldable, light and not bulky surface, windbreakers can be stowed in almost any hand luggage and transported without any problems. They are therefore a practical companion “just in case”.

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