Wide Brim Hat Men Outfits

When looking for accessories for fall outfits, remember that a hat is always a good idea. You can choose any type of hat to complete your look. But today we are going to focus on the wide-brimmed ones because they are really loved by a lot of fashionistas and bloggers. And I’ll tell you why First of all, a wide-brimmed hat looks perfect with almost any outfit. You can boldly add it to your elegant, casual, official and even sporty outfits. Second, if you like a retro style, you should know that this type of hat is sure to add a special vintage chic to your look. Now you need to decide what color your hat should be and what fabric it should be, and after that you start creating unique outfits. Scroll down to see fall and winter ideas. Get inspired!

Outfits with jackets and vests

If you’re a big fan of leather jackets, pick a black one and pair it with a gray loose t-shirt, slim black pants, black mid-calf boots, a black hat and sunglasses. Or you can combine these types of jackets with an oversized scarf, wide leg jeans, brightly colored socks and oxford shoes. Do you want something elegant and chic? Then pair a white button down shirt, red tie, white cardigan and trendy glen plaid blazer, brown pants, gray hat and brown shoes.

Outfits with coats

If you think a wide-brimmed hat and parka don’t go together, you’re wrong. You can pair a plaid long shirt with black pants, black leather calf boots, an olive green parka, and a black felt fedora hat. If you’re a lucky owner of a classic camel coat, you can pair it with a charcoal gray t-shirt, printed scarf, cuffed jeans, brown leather boots, a leather bag, and a black hat.

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