White Manicure Ideas For Winter

What can be more wintry than white? Maybe that’s why white nails are so popular in winter, and the fact that you can easily give them a shiny party feel makes them even cooler.

Matt white nails

Matte white nails can be accented with rhinestones and pearls, with a glitter nail or two, with shiny tips and other ideas. Rock gorgeous white marble nails to finally make your look modern, or give the manicure a geometric design – stripes, circles, triangles, and diamonds. Mix up different kinds of details as you like – geometry with glitter and so on.

Glossy white nails

Glossy white nails can also be accented with glitter, rhinestones, and shiny metal strips, and you can try adding a dazzling touch to the nails for a shiny yet very modern look. Accent nails can be done with different colors too, not just glitter, and you can try many wintery color combinations that you love, so get inspired!

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