White Henna Tattoos

White Henna Tattoos

Henna is a small flowering shrub that is turned into a fine powder, which is used for coloring clothes, hair and temporarily coloring the skin – henna tattoo. The exact origins of the henna tattoo are not clear, but the tradition dates back to ancient Egypt. A henna tattoo lasts between one and three weeks, it depends on a few factors such as skin type, lifestyle and body parts.

White henna seems like an exciting option for darker skin tones and is pretty and unusual. Henna tattoos are usually only for girls with flowers, lace, and boho tattoos so they look very feminine. Summer is coming and you can try such cool tattoos to make your tanned skin catch the eye. Here are some nice ideas.

Legs and feet

Accentuate your feet with cool white henna patterns. This is a good beach go idea and you will definitely get noticed – great for a seaside vacation! If you are a beach bride take care of her too, it will be your perfect accessory.

hands and arms

White henna tattoos are most often placed on the hands and arms. This is the most popular placement ever. These can be finger and hand tattoos, a large wrist-hand-finger tattoo, a wrist going to the arm tattoo, and so on – that’s up to you. Rock tattoos on both hands if you want they can be different.

Other placements

White henna tattoos can also be applied to the shoulders, chest, and back. Why such internships? Because they can usually be seen in bikinis and swimsuits of various types. Rock a gorgeous statement tattoo on the back and matching ones on the arms. Try big shoulders for the chest tattoo if you want – looks cool with a bikini!

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