white boots for women

White boots don’t have it easy, after all they are considered “cheap” or even “dirty” by the majority of society. It’s a shame because what do the shoes tell us about the sexuality of the person wearing them? Exactly: nothing!

Happy fashion bloggers only surrounded their best white ankle boots, stilettos & Co. to get rid of their bad image. And now honestly: who thinks the beautiful autumn outfit on the garbage?

At the moment the white shoes are making a comeback and this season they are more stylish than ever. From expensive luxury boots to cheap boots, there is a right shoe for every foot:

However, there are some small rules for styling to put the spotlight on the white highlight on the foot.

So you stylist white boots now

  1. Keep your outfit simpleAfter all, you are already experimenting with white shoes. Choose straight jeans or skirts and dresses with a semicircular straight hemline.
  2. The right shade of white: White is not just white. Go for a warm, “dirty” white sound like an eggshell, which adds the necessary understatement and looks more natural.
  3. Be brave: Combine your shoes with bright colors. A light, color-blocking look works best with the white shoe.

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