Wedge Sandals Outfits

As always, we have some brilliant ideas for summer days and today we are ready to share great wedge sandal outfits with you. I am sure you will agree that summer shoes should be comfortable, stylish and easy to combine at the same time. Hence, this type of shoes is the perfect choice for every woman. There are many different cool wedges, from printed to monophonic, leather to suede, minimalist to decorated. Undoubtedly, below you will find the ideal ones and thinking about how to combine them with other clothes and accessories. Get inspired!

Outfits with jeans, pants and shorts

If you have denim mini-shorts, you can pair them with a light blue ruffled long blouse, beige wedge sandals and a brightly colored clutch. Or take a classic striped button-down shirt and pair it with cuffed denim shorts, lace-up wedges, oversized sunglasses and a chain-strap bag. Ready for flashy ideas? Then try repeating a combination with a striped loose shirt, floral shorts, gold wedge sandals, necklaces and a yellow little bag. Or choose flower-printed ankle strap wedge sandals and pair them with a pink sleeveless top, white crop pants, sunglasses and a pink leather clutch.

Outfits with dresses and skirts

Whichever style you choose, wedge sandals are perfect additions! For example, if you want to create a more official outfit, you can pair a black knee-length dress with a denim jacket, a tan chain strap bag, and leather wedge sandals. And to make a flirty one, you can pair a light pink long sleeve blouse with a white minirater skirt, a beige little bag, and silver and light brown wedges. For more wonderful and fashionable ideas, scroll down.

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