Wedge heel shoes for women

The wedge heel is designed to make you look elegant and cool even with high heels. If you’re not yet in the professional league of high heels, wedge heels are a perfect choice for keeping up with the run high heels get used to it and still look good. Both the heel and the shoes themselves are now available in very different designs. In addition to the classic wedge, heels and heels are incorporated vegetable fibersin which wood look or with cork offered. Wedge heels can be worn all year round. They are available as sandals or booties, wedge pumps or espadrilles and much more. Summer shoes with wedge heels are very popular because summer shoes with wedge heels are very elegant and feminine. In addition, summer shoes with wedge heels are always very comfortable to wear. Many women therefore prefer summer shoes with wedge heels in summer.

Different types

You can discover different types of wedge heels. Since there are wedge heels for summer and winter, models such as sandals or booties, wedge pumps or sports shoes with wedge heels are available. There are also wedge heels with straps, with lacing or With VelcroThe heel height can also vary. From small to very high heels, everything is possible. In addition, there are wedge heels in different colors.

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