Wear White T Shirt To Work

A white t-shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that can literally be worn with anything. But what about styling for work? Too casual? There is a trend of incorporating casual pieces into office outfits and this means that you can achieve an appropriate look with a white t-shirt. Here you are!

A white t-shirt + pants

Since a t-shirt is a very casual piece, you should either make it more office-friendly or keep your look casual and elegantly casual, which is allowable for many jobs. To make a white t-shirt look more office-like, you can wear it with a pant suit – pant suits are on trend and make you look more formal. Add in heels or sneakers or maybe flat shoes and voila! For a casual look, wear a white t-shirt, jeans and a jacket or blazer and you’re done!

A white t-shirt + a skirt

The only way to make your look more office-like with a skirt is if it is a pencil skirt. Rock it in black or some other base color and add heels for a work-appropriate look. Other types of skirts give the outfit a different feel, but if allowed – don’t hesitate to rock some! Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

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