Wear Leather Pants In 2020

Lederhosen will never go out of style, they are in fashion every year, but trends change from time to time and different designs and looks become popular. What to choose this year to look wow?

This year, forget about Skinnies and Super Skinnies, that’s not what you want to look nervous about. Go for more classic pants, high-waisted paper bags and shorts, and even casual leather pants – these are the hottest. Play with colors – black isn’t the only one, you can also get gray, amber, burgundy, red, green, and many other colors.

Combine your lederhosen with a blouse, shirt and turtleneck for a stylish work look, then add heels and a comfortable bag afterwards. Combine your lederhosen with a crop top for a party or with a hoodie and sneakers for every day. Get inspired!

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