Wear Bold Lip Color

I think bold lip color will never go out of style. So it doesn’t matter what time of year or what makeup trends we should follow. Light or dark lip colors will always be in the foreground! A bold lip color as well as makeup for smoky eyes can add some drama to your look. So be careful in your choice of color and application technique. For a fair complexion, choose a light shade, e.g. B. rich red. If you have medium skin tone, pick lipsticks with a blue undertone (they can create the illusion of whiter teeth). And if your skin tone is dark or olive, then you should try lipsticks with purple tones. Following this advice, you can make the right choice and add something spicy to your everyday look!
Let us begin! You will need lipstick, lipstick and balm, cotton swabs, lip brush, paper towels, foundation, translucent setting powder, bronzer, highlighters, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and brow pencil. Remember, dark lip colors make your lips appear thinner and light colors make your lips appear fuller. If you have very thin lips, choose a light color like light red, orange, or fuchsia instead of a dark color like dark red, dark brown, or purple. Start with soft, smooth lips first to ensure the lipstick can be applied evenly. When your lips are dry, prepare them with gentle exfoliation. Use a cotton swab with some lip balm. The next steps of the instruction are Here. Enjoy!

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