Ways To Wear Trainers In Winter

Ways To Wear Trainers In Winter

Trainers are very comfortable, and many girls today prefer them to other shoes, and such sporty accents are trendy. But how do you wear sneakers in winter and how do you combine them with different types of outerwear? Let’s find out.

First, consider some winter trainers if you live in a cold climate – they have faux fur inside and a huge platform to keep your feet further off the cold ground. When it’s not that cold, you can wear regular sneakers, but prefer thick platforms and fleece inside.

As for the colors, there is nothing like white – these are classics that go with almost any look. Pair of sneakers with different types of outerwear – padded and cushioned coats and jackets are the most natural, of course, but coats and faux fur coats look cool too!

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