Velvet skirt outfit ideas

Are you looking for a Christmas outfit? Are you tired of sequins and sparkling outfits and need to find an alternative? I have a solution – velvet skirt.
This beautiful luxury material is perfect for the holiday season. It is very soft and most importantly – it makes you warm.

The velvet skirt is very versatile, even if the material seems a bit difficult to combine. You can wear it with knits, blouses or simple t-shirts. The key is deciding where to wear the looks.
However, the Christmas party is coming up, so you can opt for a more elegant look. On the other hand, you can wear the velvet skirt with more casual clothes for everyday occasions.
Are you crazy about these looks? I have put together some of the best outfits just for you.

Faux Fur Coat & Velvet Skirt

Velvet skirt blush pink
This amazing outfit is ideal for Christmas parties. It is both elegant and very chic. You can wear the faux fur coat with a velvet skirt and a printed sheer shirt. The fishnet stockings are a big trend. So be sure to pair them with this gorgeous pink skirt.

Knit and velvet skirt

Velvet skirt royal blue
The knitwear paired with a velvet look beautiful and very warm. You definitely won’t feel the cold this winter by opting for this beautiful look.
The royal blue color of the velvet midi skirt looks full and can be perfectly combined with a gray knit sweater. Carry a red handbag to make a statement.

Velvet pleated skirt

Velvet skirt pleated gold
Oh I know you love wrinkles. How can you not love them when they look so chic and romantic?
This outfit can be your new workwear inspiration. The blazer paired with a white button-down shirt and a gold pleated velvet skirt is great for business meetings, dinners or after-work drinks with your co-workers.

Maxi velvet skirt

Velvet skirt complete with outfit
The complete velvet outfit in two beautiful colors: royal blue and blush pink. The skirt has a maximum length, which is very convenient in cold weather. You can style it with ankle boots or flat oxford shoes.
It’s never too much velvet, is it?

Denim jacket & long velvet skirt

Denim jacket with velvet skirt
Shades of pink are so popular in fall and winter. All the big fashion names were covered in different shades of pink staples. From fuchsia to blush pink, all dominated the fashion scene.
A long pleated skirt is paired with a denim jacket for a great mix of casual and chic. You will love it!

Red ruby ​​monochrome look

Red ruby ​​velvet skirt
The all red outfits always inspire me. They are not boring at all although you might think because there is only one color for the whole look.
However, this outfit is incredible. It is absolutely polished and very chic. Pair it with black ankle boots and a detailed black beret. You get a fantastic outfit for formal occasions.

gold velvet skirt

Velvet skirt camel sweater
The camel sweater is great for work as you can style it with almost any other color. As you can see, it goes pretty well with the golden color. This outfit is great for Christmas dinner with your family. You will look chic and absolutely elegant. High heels are a must!

Black velvet skirt

Velvet skirt with a black slit
High waist, big slit and velvet are ideal components of a party outfit. A little transparency never killed anyone. It is therefore important to wear a polka dot blouse. Let your bra be seen too!
You can round everything off with black ankle boots or elegant stilettos.

Black Turtleneck & Black Velvet Skirt

Turtleneck sweater with velvet skirt
This amazing black combo can be worn on many different occasions. You can pair it with mules for a casual walk around town or with heels to create a great party outfit. The bell sleeve turtleneck sweater looks great when paired with a black velvet skirt with a midi slit.

Red velvet wrap skirt

velvet skirt wrap
This combination is wonderfully casual and very chic and you will like it. You can wear it for working time. This look is a perfectly acceptable option for casual or daily occasions. Combine the red wrap skirt with a beige sweater and a denim jacket. Finish it off with the ankle boots or sneakers.

Mini brown velvet skirt

Velvet skirt brown mini
I know, I know. It’s not the time for summer outfits, but this one was inevitable! It looks so beautiful and stylish. With this white and light linen blouse, the mini velvet skirt can be perfectly worn in summer. It has the bell sleeves and you know how much I love them. Combine it with a small brown bag for the ultimate summer look.

All shades of purple

Velvet Rock Statement Sandals
If you are indeed a fan of pink and purple color then you will love this outfit. Second, this can be too much pink in just one look.
Pair the pleated pink velvet skirt with the purple sweatshirt. Mixing the styles is interesting, isn’t it? But the statement in this outfit is definitely shoes! Sequins with pink and blue furry details will draw all the attention wherever you go.

Thigh High Boots & Velvet Skirt

Thigh high boots with velvet skirt
This girl decided to style black thigh high boots with the velvet mini skirt and classic gray sweater. And you know what? It looks simple, classy and casual. It’s the perfect outfit when you want to feel a little sophisticated but totally casual.

Soft pink bow velvet skirt

Velvet skirt pink bow
Wearing this skirt will give you the girly look suitable for everyday occasions. This outfit is simple yet very cute. Velvet skirt with a bow has a beautiful soft pink color. You can pair it with a gray sweater and gray suede boots.

Pink and red combination

Velvet skirt pink red combination
I wasn’t a fan of mixing red and pink together. When I tried this, I just couldn’t get it right. But when I see this outfit now, I wonder why I didn’t discover this look sooner. It’s so cool! The velvet skirt combined with two color sweatshirts is so amazing and looks young. It’s the perfect look for a leisurely stroll or a drink with friends.

I hope you enjoyed some of the ideas I have prepared for you! Buying the velvet skirt can be a good investment. So if you plan on shopping before Christmas, you should get one. They will complete your winter outfits.

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