Velvet Pantsuit Outfits

Pant suits are the hottest trend this year, and when it’s cold outside, it’s time to check out something more comfortable, like velvet pant suits. A velvety pant suit can be worn to Christmas parties, work, and many other places. Take a look at the ideas we have prepared.

Party looks

Create a party look for any winter holiday with a velvet pant suit and your look will be sophisticated and hot! Skirt emerald, burgundy, red, plum, navy and black velvet, add heels, a printed T-shirt, lace top or sequin top, take a small clutch. Your party look will be the most sophisticated!

Different looks

To make your look less formal, thin your velvet with sneakers or flats and add a white shirt – that way you can go to work. Try oversized velvet pant suits as oversized items have become very popular. Wear a pair of velvet shorts to add a playful touch to your look. Enjoy!

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