Unicorn Girls Tattoo Ideas

Unicorn Girls Tattoo Ideas

Today I want to tell you about tattoos with a picture of another mythical creature (I’m sure you remember the article on phoenix tattoos). We have prepared various unicorn tattoo ideas for you that look magical and cute. They are very popular with women all over the world these days. So if you want something unique and fresh, a unicorn tattoo is your best bet! But what does this type of tattoo mean? First of all, they symbolize a strength, a power and a grace at the same time. You may also find that they signify a chastity and a purity. According to mythology, a horn made out of unicorns could help heal from a poison so you can find many designs of unicorn horn tattoos. Now you can scroll down to see all of the ideas you’ve collected. Enjoy!

Black Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Many girls prefer tiny black outlines or totally black tattoos that look perfect behind the ear, on the wrists, fingers or ankles. You can also pay attention to geometric or origami tattoo ideas and ask your tattoo artist to put them on your forearms, biceps, sides, or legs.

Colorful unicorn tattoo ideas

Women are more likely to choose colorful unicorn tattoos than black ones. If you want an elegant and gentle tattoo, you can paint your black outline tattoo with pastel colors like lilac, light pink, light blue and purple (you can only paint a mane and tail with colors by the way). Such tattoos look great on the back, forearms, collarbones and scoops. If you want something original and eye-catching, you can take up cartoon tattoo ideas and put them on your knuckles, fingers and wrists. You can also color in extra details like flowers, stars, hearts, berries, jewels and a rainbow. Would you like to see more wonderful ideas? Then take a look below.

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