Ultimate Christmas Manicure

There’s only a week to Christmas and it’s high time to get a proper manicure for the coolest parties of the year. You can be super moody and create unique nail arts or keep the manicure more restrained and calm so it is suitable even after the holidays. Let’s take a look at the ultimate ideas to try out!

Whimsy nail art

Many girls choose bold and outstanding nail arts for Christmas. Why not be brave and noticeable during the holidays? You can try deer, antlers, plaids, buffalo, snowmen, gifts, ornaments, Christmas trees and snowflakes, and many other ideas that are symbolic of Christmas and winter. Try traditional colors: emerald, dark green, red, burgundy, gold and white or choose the colors you like – purple, blue, silver, copper and many others that you like. If you really want a moody look, why not make each nail different, for example: a gift, a snowflake, an ornament, a tree and a candy cane? Keep the nails in the same style with the same colors and glitter. Another idea is to do an accent nail or two – they’re usually glittery, but you can try a flashy rhinestone wreath, antlers, or something else. Be brave!

Bold nails with accents

Try strong nails: red, burgundy, emerald, dark green, blue and other shades and add festive highlights. Set these accents with glitter or rhinestones, which can be made in the same color or in contrasting shades. Such an idea is less capricious, but still bold and very festive, and is suitable for those who do not want crazy candy canes on their nails.

Neutral nails with accents

Neutral colors also go with the holidays. Who said that Christmas should be super colorful? Make your nails white, dove gray, neutral nude tones or do a French manicure and then add a festive touch: glitter, maybe colorful or rhinestones. Try cable knit accent nails and matte them up for a more noticeable look.

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