Tweed Wide Leg Trousers

Undoubtedly, wide-leg pants will make your look more elegant and expensive, and will add a special charm to any styled outfit. And today we want to show you great ideas with a really chic wide-leg tweed pants that are ideal for fall and winter days. First, they are warm and comfortable. Second, they look great with almost all clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you can use them to create different outfits. Now you can scroll down and make sure you need these type of pants for this season.

Outfits with shirts and blouses

For those who want to create something elegant and feminine, I offer to combine a white sweater with light brown tweed trousers with a high waist and wide legs, a unique bag and light blue high heels. Or you can choose a strapless black top and combine it with gray and black checked belt trousers and high heels. If you’re looking for a more official outfit idea, you can go for a classic white loose button shirt and pair it with gray high-waisted trousers, a brown leather belt, and pumps. Of course, such pants go perfectly with sneakers and cozy sweaters, so this is the easiest way to create a casual look.

Outfits with blazers and jackets

If you want to stand out, you can choose mustard yellow wide leg pants and pair them with a black embellished belt, sunglasses, purple leather clutch, white cropped turtleneck and black cape. Or you can take a leopard-cut shirt and pair it with a tan suede jacket, brown leather belt, gray wide-leg pants, boots, oversized sunglasses and a printed shopping bag. You can find more interesting ideas below.

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