Tweed dress outfits

I hope you don’t think about tweeting your grandmother’s favorite material. If so, I must ask you to think about it. Tweed was everywhere last year. From runway shows to street style clothes, everyone loved tweed. You’ll see how to style a perfect tweed dress without looking like you’re wearing your grandmother’s clothes.

The main trick with tweed is to make it look modern. You can easily look like you’ve been transported out of a vintage Audrey Hepburn movie. Try to keep it looking new unless you really want it.
Tweed dress is a perfect staple that you can wear anytime. In winter it looks fantastic paired with your favorite winter coats and over the knee boots. This dress is a very work-appropriate staple that you will definitely love! Let’s see outfit ideas!

Black over the knee boots

Thigh-high boots in a tweed dress
This dress appeared on many girls around the fashion week backstage and in street style. I chose this one because it’s a perfectly acceptable option for everyday occasions.
The colors of the dress are perfectly matched. The navy blue, red and a bit of yellow make a lovely tweed combination.

Tweed dress for petite girls

Petite girl tweed dress
When we talk about petite girls clothes, it is very important to know some rules. You can read how to wear skirts for petite girls in the post and I have given you some advice.
Mira Duma wears this mini tweed dress together with the long coat that looks exactly like the dress. She adds platform shoes that match her size, which is very smart.

Classy dress

Tweed dress classy one line
Tweed usually has an outdated label. However, this is absolutely not true. Tweed as a material is eternal and can be worn at any time.
This dress is perfect for working hours. It has a high neckline, ¾ sleeves and an A-line cut. Nothing fancy, but it’s very flattering and classy. If you wear it once, it will be your first choice every time!

Tweed overalls

tweed jumpsuit
How long has it been since you saw overalls? I have to say long enough to love her again.
These tweed jumpsuits are perfect for layering. You can style them with a black bell sleeve top. The dress itself is mini, so you can style it with both over-the-knee boots and ankle boots. It’s perfect for everyday use.

Fringes on tweed

Tweed dress summer
If you’ve been thinking about incorporating tweed into your summer wear, here’s the solution. This loose, straight dress is perfect for warm days. The fringes make this dress look gorgeous and very interesting. Imagine yourself somewhere by the sea in this beautiful dress. ideal, right?
You can pair it with funky flat lace-up sandals and add a brown suede crossbody bag.

Vintage tweed dress

Retro tweed dress
If you’re planning to look like Audrey Hepburn or any other style icon from the past, then this is a dress for you. Long and with an A-line cut, this dress is undoubtedly perfect for parties. You can make it trendy by adding metal pumps and a small handbag.
Think of this tweed dress as a special occasion outfit only.

Make the dress from the set

Tweed Dress Set makes dress
Some clothes are not so easy to wear even though it is just a piece of clothing. So I’ve found a perfect tweed set that makes an amazing dress that you’ll love! I mean the length is perfect, the cut is interesting and unique. It’s not even obvious that this isn’t a one-piece dress.
Combine it with black stilettos and a black bag and you’re good to go!

Anna Wintour loves tweed

Anna Winter tweed dress
Yes, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, the famous Anna Wintour, loves tweed dresses. She is mostly seen in midi, classy and elegant dresses that are practically her signature.
This white dress is just beautiful. It has blue thread details. The neckline has a cute collar and short sleeves. You can recreate this look very easily. Pair it with classic leather sandals.

Layers with tweed

Tweed dress layers
If the weather is neither here nor there, you have a chance to show off some layering skills. Put on a nice white top and your tweed dress over it. Let the dress be sleeveless so it can look better.
Combine this look with super cool and chic patent leather ankle boots. Add a small shoulder bag and you’re good to go!

Combination of gray and burgundy

Tweed dress statement boots
When thigh-high boots reappeared last year, I was very skeptical at first. Probably most were girls as we saw the power of these chic and stylish boots.
They go perfectly with such dresses and make every combination a bit elegant, chic and ready to wear every day. Choose flat boots that give you comfort and go for a walk!

Matching outfit

Matching tweed dress
Imagine this situation: you are short on time and need to look elegant, but in a very short time. No problem, I have a solution. Go with this kind of outfit. It fits perfectly. The dress is very flattering and made from purple tweed. The short jacket is made of the same material and goes perfectly with the tweed dress. Just add a pair of stylish stilettos and a small clutch or crossbody bag.

double tweed

Matchy tweed tweed dress
Another example of a tweed outfit to match, but not quite the last. This dress is red while the cape coat is made of dark gray tweed. It looks perfectly elegant and chic. I can also say that this outfit looks cozy and warm. Remember to style it on cold winter days.

Modern tweed

Tweed dress modern
Tweed dress can be fashionable. Many thanks to Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld who love tweed as much as we do. This pink dress is embellished with metal studs and is perfect for formal occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc. Team it with platform stilettos and add a small crossbody bag.

I hope you enjoyed all these amazing outfit ideas that I have prepared for you.

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