Trendy Colors In 2020

Yes, yes, I know classic blue is the color of 2020 and this year is all about it, but there are more colors that you will see in different designer collections and if you don’t like blue you might be interested in them. What colors should you wear to look trendy in 2020?

Marigold and mustard

Marigold and mustard are very beautiful colors, they are exquisite and very chic. These colors can be worn in accessories, one or two pieces or even as a monochromatic look. Don’t wear these sunglasses near your face as they may look a little green if you don’t have enough makeup.

Deep green and mint

Green tones always refresh themselves, they combine with spring and flowering. You can choose any color you like and rock as many of them as you want – in accessories, clothing and shoes. Try deep emerald outfits for special occasions or wear light green and mint every day and you will feel blooming too!


Eco fashion and sustainable consumption are doing their thing and we are already wearing things made from recycled items, buying less and so on. This is why neutral and natural shades are so popular today – we want to be closer to nature and feel connected to it. Pick any neutral colors you love and keep them unpolished, show off the texture and use natural fabrics.

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