Toe Nails Designs

We all know that a woman should look flawless, every inch of her divne body should be ideal and well-groomed. Nails are one of the most important parts of your look, often in sight, and they easily show how you take care of yourself. We’ve already talked about pedicure ideas that go with winter and especially Christmas, and today I’d like to continue the topic with more toenails. This time around, I am sharing ideas for toenails that will suit any occasion and season and look amazing! Let’s start.

A color

If you want a shade for your nails, try blush, white, black, navy, red, aqua, or a neutral shade. There are lots of ideas to spice it up, like making a graphic in navy or black. Glitter and sequins whip up any color and add glamor to your look. If you want a more girly look, use pearls and pearls instead of glitter. Polka dot and stripe stencils will easily cheer up your toes!

Multiple colors

If you want to feel super girly, try different pastel shades on each nail and add a stud. Rock all kinds of patterns that come to mind: feathers, flowers, chevron, geopatterns and mix the colors the way you love it, for example black and white for a graphic look. Red and pink are cute and feminine, blush is a great and soft shade that compliments any skin tone. Don’t hesitate to rock glitter accented nails and pearls if you like and they’ll go with your pedicure.

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